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Introducing the Happy Mondays Career Kaizen Course, an elearning program and systematic framework for accelerating your career growth and finding more joy in the work you do

Specifically designed for busy bilingual professionals in Japan

Guaranteed to boost your career growth, or I'll refund you 100%!

Gain an unfair advantage
in the job market for
bilingual professionals in Japan.

The highest performing and happiest people I know have two things in common:They have developed "Career Clarity" and they are continually working on mastering, "kaizen-style" what I call the "Core 24" skills and knowledge needed for accelerated career growth.

The Career Kaizen Course is an elearning program with a systematic framework to help you get further, faster in your career than you've ever imagined by helping you master the Core 24.

It's a comprehensive & actionable resource designed for busy professionals to gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset to succeed in the job market in Japan.

P.S. I know you're busy. It's designed so that you can "do the work" over a 12 month period in as little as one hour per month.

"I'm grateful to have something so simple to help me develop a clear vision for my future AND learn how to take effective action to make it happen"

— Tak K.., Nikon

The Career Kaizen Promise:

  • Learn the most essential skills and knowledge for career growth

  • Develop greater clarity about your career path

  • Learn how to get paid what you're worth

  • Get your most important questions answered by a veteran recruiter, live online or in the discussion forum

  • Increase your confidence and move in the direction you choose

  • Get further, faster, in your career

"Happy Mondays and the Career Kaizen Course has helped me set big goals and move forward towards realizing my full poential." – Naoko H., Dentsu

A Simple System for Career Growth and Job Satisfaction

"As a busy professional, the Career Kaizen Course helps me use my time efficiently to work ON my career while I work IN my career"

— Andrew S., Obayashi Corporation

What People Are Saying

"The combination of online learning that I can do at my own pace in my limited free time AND having the ability to get my specific career questions answered in the live discussions and the online forum is incredibly valuable. I also appreciate having the 日本語 transcripts for the videos.
I highly recommend Gary, Happy Mondays, and the Career Kaizen Course."

Shigeru O.

CINT Japan

"Gary has been a trusted advisor for over 10 years. He helped me make the transition from a big consultancy to join Apple long ago and since then he has been my 'go to' person when I need thoughtful unbiased advice and a sounding board for my further career growth. The Career Kaizen Course is like having Gary's knowledge and insights accessible 7/24."

Masa O.

Ebay Japan

"I've been through career changes and challenges over the years and Gary has always been there for me. He asks deep & relevant questions, shares what he's learned from his vast experience with other bilingual professionals, and helps me focus on what's best for me. I'm 100% sure that the Career Kaizen Course will accelerate your career growth. "

Kiyoko H.

Sapporo USA

What's Included?

Complete learning
modules for all
"Core 24" Topics

  • 10-20 minute video on each of the 24 topics

  • 2X Monthly 1 Hour Topical Online Discussions

  • 4X Monthy 1 Hour Open Q&A

  • English and Japanese transcripts

  • Short Quiz + Points to Ponder

  • PDF of PPT Deck

  • English/Japanese "Career Vocabulary" Builder

  • Online Discussion Forum

  • Links to supplemental resources

  • In-person meetups

  • BONUS: "7 Steps to Career Clarity" ebook + 8 supplementary videos

Master the most important skills and knowledge you need for career growth

The Core 24 topics have been carefully chosen as THE most important things you need to know (and continually work on) for ongoing career growth.Learn things like salary negotiation, how to get better results working with recruiters, interviewing skills, job search strategies and tactics, and more (scroll down for a list of all the topics)

Get Answers To Your Toughest Questions

Study the modules at your own pace and join the live topical discussions and Q&A sessions to get specific answers for your most critial issues.Use the discussion forum to ask questions or share your experiences and insights.

Save time

Time is our most precious asset, so the Career Kaizen Course was designed to focus on the most important information you need in a concise format and provide structure so that you can integrate your studies into a busy schedule.The modules are available on a mobile app, so you can watch the 10-20 minute videos on your commute, during break times, while waiting in line, etc. wherever you are.

What are the Core 24 Topics?

  1. Career Clarity & The Virtuous Career Cycle

  2. Get More: The Fundamentals of Salary Negotiation

  3. Values, Mission, and Vision

  4. High Performing Resumes

  5. Job Search Strategies & Tactics

  6. How To Work With A Recruiter As A Candidate

  7. How To Work With A Recruiter As A Client

  8. Networking Strategies & Tactics

  9. The Power of Accountability Partnership

  10. Ace The Interview

  11. Before You Accept The Offer

  12. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  1. The Vital Importance of Taking Time Off

  2. Firing & Getting Fired

  3. Handling Workplace Nightmares

  4. Interviewing Candidates

  5. Stacking Skills for Career Growth

  6. Self-Knowledge: Your Strengths & Weaknesses

  7. Everybody Sells: The Fundamentals of Persuasion

  8. Sleep & Physical Fitness: Your Secret Weapons

  9. Finding Work Outside of Japan

  10. Manage & Build Your Personal Brand

  11. Find a Mentor

  12. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?


One-time payment. Lifetime access to all 24 Learning Modules

¥18,000 + tax

  • Core 24 Modules

  • Live Discussions

  • Open Q&A

  • Online Discussion Forum

  • And more....


How does it work?

After purchase, you'll receive a welcome email and an email with an invitation to the online course platform, Skool, where all the course materials are located.Once inside the Happy Mondays: Kaizen group on Skool, you'll have full access to all 24 modules of the Career Kaizen Course, discussion forums, and a calendar for all of the online and in-person events."I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I quickly realized how easy to use the platform is. I'm able to access everything from all my devices. It's so convenient!" - Taka O., ADK

How Long Can I Access the Course Materials?

When you purchase the Career Kaizen Course, you get lifetime access to the 24 course modules and all the recorded material. You'll have access to all the live sessions and the discussion forum for 12 months.Then, you'll "graduate" and be invited to join the Happy Mondays: Alumni group for courses and content that supports your ongoing career growth and mastery of the Core 24.

Who can benefit from the Career Kaizen Course?

The course is designed to support professionals at ALL levels of their career. Whether you're just starting out as a "shinsotsu" employee following graduation, or you're nearing retirement, the vast majority of the topics we discuss are relevant to most everyone.We welcome people at all levels and believe that everyone can benefit from sharpening their career growth skills and mindset, no matter where you are along your career journey.Though the live discussions are in English, we provide 日本語 transcripts and vocabulary builders for all of the modules.

Is this really worth ¥18,000?

The cost comes out to ¥1,500/mo. or ¥750 yen per learning module. That's the cost of a nice lunch in Tokyo and way cheaper than a gym membership, so if you think of it as "feeding your career hunger" or "building your career muscles", it's well worth the investment in your continued success and job satisfaction.This course is based on 22+ years of recruiting bilingual professionals in Japan and a lifetime of studying what leads to career success and job satisfaction.I've chosen the 24 most important factors and covered each of them in a simple, easy-to-understand module on each topic.If you have questions, you can join any of the live online sessions (72 each year--24 1 hour topical discussions and 48 open Q&A sessions) or ask questions in the discussion forum online and get your specific questions answered.

Do you have a refund policy?

YES. If you work your way through the Career Kaizen Course and feel that it hasn't provided you with any value, write to me & I'll give you a full refund within 1 year of your purchase. I'm committed to delivering value and I'm confident in what the course can do for you.

Do you have questions?

Please get in touch with me at gary(at) or find me on LinkedIn

About Gary

I've been recruiting and coaching bilingual professionals in Japan since 2001. I've spoken with thousands of individuals about their career hopes and dreams, successes and failures, hurdles and opportunities, and know that everyone's career path is unique.My life's mission is to help motivated and ambitious people like you build a long term sustainable career that is growth-oriented while doing work you are good at and enjoy.

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